Welcome reception and registration at Smock Alley Theatre

Sunday 17:30 (Smock Alley Theatre, 7 Exchange Street Lower).

Sunday’s welcome reception will take place in Smock Alley Theatre, which is located beside Dublin’s Temple Bar Area.

Smock Alley is a historic theatre and church location associated with Jonathan Swift. Smock Alley Theatre is a 21st century performance and exhibition space built on the site of the Theatre Royal, built in 1662. The Banquet Hall is stunningly impressive with an ornate plaster work ceiling, plastered walls, exposed brickwork and stained glass windows from the theatre’s time as a church.

During Sunday’s welcome reception, the well-known Dublin local historian Pat Liddy will give an overview of the history of Dublin, focusing in particular on the areas you are likely to see while you are visiting, including Croke Park.

For further information, please visit: https://smockalley.com/find-us/